Rehabilitative And Community Services


IN-HOME SKILLS TEACHING is our program where functional deficits are identified and a teaching and practice plan are developed to help support the child’s success both at home and in the community. These services are for children with developmental delays.

The goal is for the client and family to realize their potential by building activities of daily living skills, including:

  • dressing
  • eating/ meal preparation
  • light laundry duties
  • self-care/hygiene
  • communication skills
  • community integration
  • fine/gross motor skills
  • interpersonal relationships

Less parent involvement is required for this program since the majority of the teaching time is spent with the child. We will ask parents to work with the child and staff to model desired skills at certain times during treatment. Treatment will be scheduled for sessions each week that meets the needs of the child and family. Monthly gatherings assist the children in learning social skills with their peers. These gatherings are held in 3 locations in York county. All children are encouraged to come to the gatherings along with their BHPs who help them work on their treatment plan goals.