Paying For My In-Home Services

Who Pays For My In-Home Services

Private Pay

Families can hire Saco River Health staff to care for their loved ones in the home. These services would be paid for by the client or family member. Please call SRHS for an in home assessment at 207-247-9000. You can ask to speak with the coordinator of home care services or you can speak with the Operator and she will direct your call. You can email us at


Some private insurances and long-term care insurance policies cover in-home care services. You may contact your insurance representative (the phone number is on the back of your enrollment cared) and ask whether the services you are requesting are covered. Our office staff can assist you with contacting the company and a description of the services you might need.

Medicaid (Mainecare)

In Home Services for Adults

If you are an adult requesting services, you can call 1-800-609-7893 and ask for an Assessment. The nurse assessor will inform you of programs and services for which you are eligible at the time of your Assessment. Let the assessor know that you would like Saco River Health Services to provide your services.

In Home Services for Children

If you are looking for services for a child, Maine Care may be an option. They will pay for services for children with many Developmental Delay diagnosis as well as associated diagnoses with similar symptoms. Many private insurances do cover costs for treatment for children with Developmental Delay under Early Intervention Services. Contact your representative about specific item coverage and should you be confused, you may want to consider a Case Manager to help. If you currently do not have any insurance you first need to apply for Maine Care. The local Department of Health and Human Services, State of Maine, can assist you. A representative can assist you with the application or you can go online at If you have been denied for Maine Care, you can apply to Katie Beckett for supplementary federal insurance. This funding is not determined by family income and may include a co-payment amount. To apply for Katie Beckett go to your local DHHS office to pick up an application packet, or sign up with a Case Manager who may have the application available.