Home and Community Therapy

Home and Community Therapy (HCT) is a family therapy program. Our team is made up of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP). Each of our staff members have a high level of training in their field and is practiced at engaging with children who struggle with mental health issues. Since we know that the family system often needs support to help deal with every day life and education surrounding the child(ren) with behavioral issues or trauma, family attendance is required at weekly sessions with and with out child (ren). Our goal is to stabilize the child and any associated behaviors and leave the family with strategies to support their successful management of their child and family. Treatment will be intense at first and then will be adapted to support the family’s progress.

Rehabilitative and Community Service

Rehabilitative and Community Service (RCS) is a skill building program where functional deficits are identified and a teaching and practice plan are developed to help support the child’s success both at home and in the community. Less parent involvement is required in RCS due to the majority of teaching time being spent with the child. We will ask parents to work with child and staff to model desired skills at certain times during treatment. Treatment will be scheduled for sessions each week that meet the needs of the child and family. RCS services are for children with developmental delay.

Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a program that assists parents in finding and setting up appropriate services for children with special needs. Case Managers assist with community services, mental health services, school advocacy and parental support,  as well as help support parents to overcome individual barriers they may face. Children must have a mental health or developmental delay diagnosis to qualify.

Outpatient services-Our Main Street Clinic- We provide counseling services for children (and adults) with mental health issues.

Psychological Testing/Functional Assessments

Psychological Testing/Functional Assessments: We provide Functional Behavioral Assessments for children and adults. Our Clinic is able to provide both the Vineland and/or the ABAS-II with a short turn around time for your results. We are able to schedule appointments morning or afternoon to meet parent’s or children’s needs.


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