Employee Benefits


Insurance (Health, Dental, Supplemental)

Participation in SRHS’s Anthem Healthcare, Delta Dental and AFLAC Supplemental Insurance programs are available to full time employees (30+ hours) who have been employed for 90 days. Saco River provides 50% premium coverage for each participant in the insurance programs covered by Anthem and Delta Dental. AFLAC programs are paid for by the staff that chooses to use the program.


Saco River Health contracts with Principal to administer their 401K staff investment program. Saco River Health holds a continuous bond to safeguard our staff and agency contributions to the fund. 401K enrollment is available to any employee that has worked with SRHS for 90+ days. Saco River matches employee contributions at FULLMATCH up to 3% of their salary and at 50%MATCH up to 5%.

Personal Time Off

Personal Time Off is earned by employees who work greater than 1000 hours within a calendar year. Year one each staff person earns 40 hours+ PTO and at the three year mark staff begin to accrue 80+ hours of PTO. PTO is simply claimed by speaking with your Supervisor and completing the necessary paperwork..