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Our Mission

Saco River Health Services is a family-owned, comprehensive health care agency dedicated to caring for and supporting all members of our community. Saco River provides services for all stages of health by promoting the most supportive environment while reducing the need for higher levels of care.

Our Behavioral Services focus on integration within the community, while the Medical Services specialize in the management of chronic diseases. Care and support is given by skilled, compassionate staff who consistently exceed the nationally recognized standards for competency and up to date training. We are proud to use an on-line educational system that promotes our staff to the forefront of the healthcare sector.

Elizabeth and Joyce

Where We Came From

SRHS was started as Saco River Senior Services in 1996 by David and Joyce Segee in the living room of their home in Hollis, Maine. Their goal was to provide health care to the rural communities along the Saco River in Maine. They were very successful recruiting many professional and direct care workers for work in their communities rather than travel to the “city”. Their daughter Elizabeth joined their management team after completing a nursing program. The Agency, renamed Saco River Health Services, is growing to meet the needs of all citizens of the community.

Joyce and David